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An internationally renowned image consultant, Ashley Rothschild, provides individual VIP consulting, corporate seminars and an elite, training program for ambitious entrepreneurs who wish to become highly successful, professional image consultants.

Today, a celebrity in her own right, Miss Rothschild appears on national and international television and radio programs, (BBC, CBS and FOX) covering topics on how to maximize your competitive edge with innovative techniques that transform the art of professional image. In her hands, an anonymous face in the crowd becomes a credible leader radiating panache and style. Her approach is about far more than designing images; it.s about transforming lives.

Samara, Kim and Yvonne at Divino's

Although I was a business executive when I met with Ashley, I dressed like a frumpy housewife. Ashley completely changed my outward appearance to match my inside reality. She did so in a very professional, up-beat way making me feel good about myself. I will use her services the rest of my life and would recommend her to anyone wanting to empower their lives.

Samara Keaton

When I first met Ashley I was a casualty of the internet bubble and was desperately looking for new direction in my life. I blamed my lack of success in finding challenging work on my age until Ashley straightened me out. She told me that I looked like a nice mommy and did not project confidence. Ashley not only helps her client to know how to put oneself together as a package but she also helps her client to feel good about themselves. I now have a very responsible job and have never felt more confident about myself.

Yvonne Chang

You are a world of inspiration. You force people to think outside the box and empower people to feel good about themselves. You generate strength, success and possibilities..... You help create a new image, confidence and respect for others.

Kim Seltzer

"Her energetic enthusiasm and commitment enhances her ability to assist others in unlocking their own potential to achieve success. She uses her experience and her highly developed intuitive qualities to identify and break through old ideas and behavior patterns that hold individuals back, as she believes: `Whatever you think you are, you are.'"

Peggy Reed
Advertising Content Developer/Writer
(I am the red-head in the red Armani suit)

Doris, Jay and Peggy at Getty's

  1. Silver Package:

    For an exciting one day seminar that will launch your image through the roof! Ashley will show you through group exercises, lectures, wardrobe, hair and makeup make-overs, how to discover the key components of a winning image. Only $349 per person.

  2. Gold Package:

    A money saving extravaganza shopping spree for couture designs at unimaginable prices! With an intimate group of six participants, you'll save up to 75% while having the time of your life at Primn Nevada, Neiman Marcus outlet. The tuition, $1500 is payable two weeks in advance or, simply stay home and and our staff of professionals will do all the work for you - the price for this is only $2000 ($500 non-refundable). Lunch is included.

  3. Platinum Package:

    Individual, one on one consulting designed for your specific goals and the your lifestyle while fitting the world class timeless elegance. $250.00 per hour. Includes an exclusive, one on one individual consulting and new wardrobe shopping.

    Ashley Rothschild with Jeff Mirkin Ashley Rothschild with Jeff Mirkin Ashley Rothschild with Jeff Mirkin

    "Miss Rothschild is an expert in her field and has created for me a sharp, professional and individualized image that brings out the best in me, and gives me the advantage in business that is so critical to success."

    Mr. Jeffrey R. Mirkin, President
    Budget Rent a Car of Southern California
    Beverly Hills, California

  4. The Rolls Royce of Makeovers:

    Those with discriminating taste from all over the world love to give and receive this superb and memorable gift.

    A full day of royal treatment for those who desire only the best. Be ready for our limousine to pick you up at 9:30 am and begin a one on one consultation and redesign your new image or add pieces to your existing wardrobe, suggested by Ashley's expertise.

    Followed with a new hair-do, a manicure, pedicure, makeup and wardrobe makeovers (client is responsible for any clothing & makeup products, purchases).

    A delicious and superb luncheon at Crustacean Restaurant in the heart of Beverly Hills. At the end of the day, with a glass of the finest champagne in your hand, you and your treasures by your side you'll be whisked away.

    It is sure to leave anyone thankful and giver remembered, all this for only $3500.00 per day.

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Before Dr. Phil, there was Ashley Rothschild.

An internationally renowned image consultant, Ashley Rothschild, provides individual consulting, corporate seminars and an elite, intensive training program for ambitious entrepreneurs who wish to become highly successful, professional image consultants.

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