Dear Ashley,

Congratulations on another successful seminar. It was so amazing to see the transformations of plain Janes into glamorous women in a matter of hours. Your seminars are more about making women looking their best but to instill confidence.

This time I had enough confidence to ask for a 25% higher compensation than the offer. When I was insecure I always accepted what was offered me. Today after we returned from lunch I went outside the room and was on the phone talking with the person who offered me a job. He told me that he has to ask for a vote by the Board of Directors and promised that the final offer will be higher than the original but may not be as much as I asked for. He continued to say that after the customary probation period of 90 days I can always ask for a merit increase. It is thanks to your support year after year that I have the courage to ask for more pay than offered. I start working for the Chinese Historical Society of Southern California tomorrow replacing their only permanent full time staff, doing everything to keep the Society operating and growing. I am grateful that the members of the Board have enough confidence in me to give me such responsibilities. I have been a volunteer at the Society for a few years and the Board members have seen me doing things proactively and follow through.

I cannot wait to see you start a TV show of your own. It is never too late to start a new adventure.

Best regards,

Ashley's Rothschild client

"Miss Rothschild is an expert in her field and has created for me a sharp, professional and individualized image that brings out the best in me, and gives me the advantage in business that is so critical to success."

Mr. Jeffrey R. Mirkin, President
Budget Rent a Car of Southern California
Beverly Hills, California

Ashley Rothschild with Jeff Mirkin in front of Battaglia wearing Brioni in Beverly Hills

Dear Ashley,
How often does one get to thank someone for positively changing their life? My standards have been elevated and I'm ready to go! Your honest, compassion, integrity, beauty and strength are an inspiration to me. Thank you for the gift of you.

Warmest regards,
Leanna Harada

Dear Ashley,
Thank you so very much for time and attention you gave Leanna during your seminar. It was a life changing event: I can see it in her eyes, when she walks, I can feel it in her hand when is in mine. I have had the joy of deepening my love and commitment, both for the women I married and the new one you helped reveal. You have given us a gift we will always cherish.

All the best to you,
Dean Harada,
Los Angeles California

Dear Ashley,
Giving ourselves "permission" to be all that we can be is a most powerful tool! Thank you for your contagious energy and your honest approach in help me to transform. Your talents are truly a gift.

Most sincerely,
Diana Stein

Dr. Blair Zajac after working with Ashley Rothschild

"When I employed the services of Miss Rothschild I was completing my Ph.D. at Caltech and was moving my career and lifestyle to new and uncharted territories. There was no question there was a need for polishing and updating my relaxed image to a more professional and appealing presentation. Miss Rothschild gave me the tools which opened the doors to an amazing new career and a wonderful loving, passionate life!"

Dr. Blair Zajac
CEO, OrcaWare Consulting
Marina del Rey, California

"Her energetic enthusiasm and commitment enhances her ability to assist others in unlocking their own potential to achieve success. She uses her experience and her highly developed intuitive qualities to identify and break through old ideas and behavior patterns that hold individuals back, as she believes: `Whatever you think you are, you are.'"

Peggy Reed
Advertising Content Developer/Writer
Brighton, Inc.

Thank you so much for one of the most beneficial seminars I have ever attended and giving so much support and heart value to all the members. I love your approach and talent in doing what you do so well. I know that you don't see any limitations for people. You are definitely the kind of solid gold I need in my corner.
Thank you so much for everything.

Dian Ohm
Los Angeles, California

If you want to look like a million bucks, if you want to feel like a million bucks, and if you want to make a million bucks, go to the expert international image and fashion consultant, Ashley Rothschild. In my book, she is the best.

Ms. Pat Quinn, Literary Talent Agent
Los Angeles, California

You turned my life around with a new confidence in my private and professional life. I can go anyplace, anywhere in this world and feel at home. Miss Rothschild is the best investment I spent on myself.

Mr. Kari Passi, President, Passi Enterprises
International Entrepreneur
Kalajoki, Finland

The wonderful thing about Ashley is her amazing ability to go beneath the images people convey and discover their essential power and passion......She then transforms their lives and careers by helping them present that truth to the world.

Mr. Michael Hauge
The Award - Winning Author, of Writing Screenplays that Sell
Sherman Oaks, California

David Ackert picture

Confidence, talent and good looks are key ingredients in my profession. Before working with Miss Rothschild, I didn't know how to make the most of my potential. She altered my wardrobe and demeanor so that they lost any sense of apology and were replaced with a dynamic self-assuredness. Now when I walk into a room, I have a sense of self-confidence that opens doors to the kinds of roles and professional relationships that used to be out of reach. I'm living on a whole new level, thanks to The Rothschild Image.

David Ackert

I consider myself to be very successful as a producer and career consultant, but Miss Rothschild saw something that was possible beyond anything I could imagine. She just knew what would project an unrivaled image of power, elegance, femininity and class. I felt awkward at first. But the first time I stepped in front of an audience in my new exquisite suit, I was blown away by the reaction I received. This was who I was meant to be and I, and everyone else, finally got it. `In one day, Ashley Rothschild kicked me into the big leagues!'

Miss Heidi Wall, Executive Producer, Dream City Films
Co-founder, Flash Forward Institute
Los Angeles, California

The most important thing I learned from Ashley is that our appearance is one of the ways we communicate with people. In fact, it's usually the first act of communication between you and a stranger. We writers agonize over what we say on the page but are often lackadaisical about how we look. Big mistake. It projects how we feel about ourselves and our position in the Industry. I've learned to pay more attention and I find I actually enjoy choosing "what I'll communicate today" when I open my closet every morning.

Maria Elena Rodriguez
TV writer, Showtime's "Resurrection Blvd."
Los Angeles, CA

It is difficult to describe the positive psychological advantage you fell when you know you are appropriately dressed, but is very significant. Due to Miss Rothschild's excellent skills, Mr. Kingery and I definitely feel properly dressed for all occasions. In addition, our understanding of the importance of appearance in the business industry has been increased. All in all, we both feel that we have acquired an extra edge to success.

Gary J. Fowler
Fowler Investments, Inc.

Since first taking advantage of your professional services about two years ago, my life is radically different - richer, fuller, more prosperous. Each time I have worked with you since, my life has taken a quantum leap in personal power and professional confidence, not to mention fun and excitement.
I know that your commitment is to create with me a look that speaks success, beauty and excellence, and I salute you for fulfilling that commitment to the letter. Your unerring eye and attention to detail are a marvel.

Kathy Popoff
Attorney at Law
Kathy Popoff Law Offices

On a personal level the experience of being with Miss Rothschild is one of discovering the beauty within which can be expressed through the image I present to the world. I also am reminded of the abundance and wealth there is in our world when I work with her.

Victoria Szatalowicz, MD

For my career life, she has been of significant value in helping me refine my image as a professional woman. This is of particular importance, as I am the only woman and youngest member of the Board of my company. For my personal and social dress, she has been extremely creative in bringing out my less serious side.

Jeri Radder
Senior Vice President

Ashley Rothschild picture

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