Academy Awards, Oscars 2001: The Best and the Worst Dressed

800 million people, according to Steve Martin, watched this year's Oscars and in true sense it was the most grandiose event of the year and this year glamour ruled. We had to look hard for the worst dressed, but they were there.

The stars paraded their wear, while ladies kept tripping in their high heels and gentlemen sat in their seats uninterested in assisting. And the night went on while we scrutinized, wondered and judged every nuance of their image.

Once again the older Rivers didn't disappoint us by being inappropriate. She never took a breath while offending Dame Judi Dench with her innuendos, "there's no trouble yet for you?" Dame Dench looked with amazement, while Joan continued "there's no problem for you, as far as parts, with age?" Dench being a lady just smiled and walked on.

Rivers' poor manners continued, with kissing derrieres, literally, talking about body sounds and her ultimate faux pas came in discussing nanny pools with Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas; she is mostly likely still there talking to herself. A clear example, being wealthy doesn't guarantee good breeding.

However, she looks beautiful, love her new hair do, her plastic surgeon did an amazing job, who did it?

And it will be remembered that the 73rd Academy Awards opened with Steve Martin's tasteless attempt at humor: "Ellen Burstyn did something that not many actresses would do for a role in a movie. She made herself look 30 pounds heavier and 20 years older. And Russell Crowe still hit on her." Crow wasn't amused, neither was anyone else; Wynnona Ryder's face said it all. Did he loose all sense of decorum?

With the return of elegance, the need for gallantry was more obvious than ever before and was missing in a big way. Who was that bearded man, who just stormed up on the stage leaving his female partner on her own struggling up the stairway in high heels and long gown?

My choices:

The Best Dressed Ladies:

  1. Oscar winner Julia Roberts in Valentino vintage looked stunning, how do you define perfection? The gown was a perfect style for her height and figure and that hair do was absolutely superb. That is an image that leaves an everlasting impression.
  2. Catherine Zeta Jones in a Versace gown, pure glamour. She stunned the audience with her statuesque figure. She personifies star qualities.
  3. Joan Allen, Best Actress nominee (The Contender) a contender for the best leading lady in Michael Kors' coral beaded scrumptious body fitted gown looked exquisite, with the exception, her bracelet was very beautiful but to heavy for the gown.
  4. Hillary Swank made her shockingly sheer flesh-colored Versace silk tulle gown a big hit. Last year's Best Actress winner pulled off her Marlin Monroe look-a-like with finesse and great cleavage.
  5. Marcia Gay Harden, Best Supporting Actress winner (Pollock), in Randolph Duke. A winner in all senses, took us all by surprise, glamour personified. Love her dress, hair, jewelry and most of all how she honored those who contributed to her achievements. Brava!!!
  6. Laura Linney, a nominee for Best Actress (You Can Count on Me) sashayed with grace and confidence in a pillar orange-red Valentino designed gown. A star was born.
  7. Renee Zellweger, in lemon yellow form fitting gown from Lily et Cie, with matching shoes, ruby-red lips and flowing golden hair, reminiscent of the glamour of the old Hollywood. Stunning!!!
  8. Jennifer Lopez sure got our attention again in that elegant Channel creation. But girl didn't you forget something? I don't think that the dress was meant to be worn without a bra? She looked stunning, but isn't it time to stop the striptease act?
  9. Holly Berry with a new do and draped in a glamorous lavender gown looked beautiful. So what else is new, when doesn't she?
  10. Angelina Jolie's made an Oscar fashion statement of tasteful elegance in a Dolce & Gabbana suit, she kept her individuality and oozed with sex appeal. You go girl.

The Worst Dressed Ladies:

  1. Björk, what was she smoking? If she continues her image shenanigans, this might be her last swan song.
  2. Juliett Binoche, Best Actress nominee (Chocolat), Jean-Paul Gautier disaster, what was she thinking? The only missing piece to complete the "flapper" dominatrix was a whip!
  3. Michelle Yeah, co-star of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, in a sequined, animal-print, high-necked gown by Hong Kong designer Barney Cheng, over-beaded, little too ala Las Vegas. She is a masterpiece framed in a gaudy gold frame. I would have chosen something scarlet red, reflecting the culture and heritage of her country and the role that made her endeared to the public.
  4. Pamela Anderson and Elizabeth Hurley, what an odd combo, are they an item? As to Anderson, she has obviously reinstated her mammal glands in a trashy and tasteless display; a sure way to kill a chance of portraying Mother Teresa at any time in her career.
  5. Penélope Cruz, presenter of the trophy for Best Costume Design, in a black beaded off-the-shoulder Ralph Lauren gown, with hair parted made this lovely star look matronly.
  6. Kate Hudson, in lavender Stella McCartney gown with a fringed shawl thingy missed the train, while her mother Goldie Hawn gowned in Vera Wong, is more beautiful then ever, but please update that do, you put me back to 80's.
  7. Frances McDormand, costar of "Almost Famous", looked as if she just walked out of the shower and forgot everything, except to show up!! Her hair, that dress made her look like a mother superior, where is the glamour?
  8. Wynnona Ryder somehow always misses it and this time she almost didn't. Sorry angel face, and her hair color?
  9. Jasmine Chow, in a Yohji Yamamoto tuxedo looked out of place and uncomfortable. The suit was wearing her, while her mate Chow You Fat in a Cerruti tuxedo, looked charming and absolute delightful. We like him a lot.
  10. Sarah Jessica Parker snubbed the Academy by showing up at one of the most celebrated events of the year in a Calvin Klein micromini dress. Bad media attention is better then no recognition at all? She is nobody's fool! She made the list!

The Best Dressed Men:

  1. Tom Hanks: Best Actor nominee (Cast Away) love the man, love the actor, Gucci tuxedo looks great. He looked fabulous, mustache didn't.
  2. Benjamin Bratt in Armani tux with white shirt and tie, color complimented his fair lady and one of very few gentlemen who assisted his Julia up the stairs, a big plus for this scrumptious hunk.
  3. Samuel L. Jackson, one sultry man? The vision of Shaft and his dynamic wife LaTanya Richardson sizzled. I think he was wearing Armani, but who paid attention to his tux anyway?
  4. Jeff Bridges, a member one of the most respected families in tinsel town, sizzled in his Versace tuxedo. With packaging he was born with and mastery of Versace design, who wouldn't? Still married to the same woman he was while we worked on the Los Angels World Hunger Event in 1980, they should be awarded an Oscar for longevity.
  5. Benicio Del Toro in an Armani wool crepe, snap-closure tuxedo with satin piping detail, proved that he is an actor with style to remember and this is not the last we have seen of this hunk.
  6. Chow You Fat the star of "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" in Cerruti tuxedo left us with wanting more.
  7. Michael Douglas, in a classic tuxedo, effortlessly elegant and forever sexy.
  8. Kevin Spacey, he just shows up and looks beyond the good, dear God thank you for my sight so I can feast my eyes on that man. He is gorgeous, sexy and to top it all, talented. And what a class act, thanking Dame Judi Dench for "traveling across the country" with his tux to make sure he was dressed tonight. He forgot his tux in another country.
  9. Sting, in a Gucci tux, escorting his family to the Oscars, looked sharp and classy, and his gorgeous wife Trudie Styler in Jean-Paul Gautier floral designed dress expressed style, elegance, and smashing individuality.
  10. And then there is a hunk of all the hunks, who returned with vengeance and is staying on the top, John Travolta, who looked like his old self, yum!

The Worst Dressed Men:

  1. David Carradine, what was that color, what was that style and why? Where did he dig out that tux, on a cruise for senior citizens? Way to old and outdated for him. Who designed it?
  2. Steven Cojocaru, People Magazine's West Coast style editor, had more paint on then the Golden Gate Bridge. Is Elton John missing a costume? That outfit and that hair, he is a one step away from looking drag, a very small step. However he knows his business?
  3. Charlton Heston, Moses posses the power to part the sea but can't find a better toupee?
  4. Lone wolf Russell Crow looked out of his element and rebellious in a knee-length Edwardian Armani tuxedo with high-necked shirt but amazed us all with one of the most gracious and eloquent acceptance speeches, with the message "never stop dreaming". As long as he stays away from married women we might just keep that rascal here.
  5. Ben Affleck, a great looking Armani tuxedo but a terrible fit? Looks like he borrowed it or lost weight, the tie was way to long. Is Arsino Hall missing a tie? And what is up with this unshaven look?
  6. Sean "Puffy" Combs wore more jewelry then Ashley Judd. Folks this is one of those times when more is not better. What did late Diana Vreeland suggest? "Take off one accessory before leaving the house." In this case, that was an understatement.
  7. Morgan Freeman, three-time Academy Award nominee, talented and brilliant actor, missed it big way, bearded, clothed in black on black, pin, sunglasses, even if they are 14 Karat gold, all that stuff was taking attention from the man and put it on the accessories.
  8. Joaquin Phoenix sloppily doing it his way. It is understandable that young men want individuality and do not want to be stuffed into the classic tux, but at least get something that fits the occasion and your individuality, "Shaft" did. And please someone give him a tissue for that chewing gum.
  9. Bob Dylan, Best Original Song winner, lovable performer, broadcasting live from Australia, white face, pencil thin mustache looked ghostly or is that ghastly?
  10. Tom Cruise, it is a sacrilege, when something that gorgeous shows up for this kind of event dressed down and without a tie (crew cut?) as he introduced the nominees for Best Director.

One of the most memorable parts of the evening was, when producer Dino De Laurentiis, took time out of his acceptance speech to compliment his presenter, Anthony Hopkins, then the consummate producer proceeded to thank the women in his life. "My gratitude goes to six beautiful women," he adds. "They love me." With such a pride and love he continued, "I must say I've been very lucky in my life. I'm proud of one thing: to work with so many directors for the first time. Don't be afraid of young talent. Young minds are the future."

The streets are empty, the stars have dimmed its glimmers and the sound of this year's long awaited Academy Awards ceremonies is put to rest till next year.

March 26, 2001

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