Secrets To Taking Off Inches Instantly!

So you don't have a perfect figure, so who does? And you don't have the financial luxury to have a liposuction and summer is here, or you just want an easier life and you want to feel good about yourself. What to do??

First and foremost, accept who you are, or if you are not happy with your physical image, do something about it. In any case, love who you are no matter what size. Surround yourself with friends and family who are positive and support you and won't be taken in by your excuses, but support you in your commitments.

Hang in there; here are some tips to help you lift up your spirits and those unmentionable places.

Shape wear zaps off inches instantly. What we wear underneath our clothes is even more important then what we wear on top.

For the large bust line, use the new slim line-minimizing bra. Your figure will look leaner and taller. For top-heavy figures, no shirtwaists, omit the belts.

For the tummy, use a panty girdle or a one-piece unitard body slimmer control top seamless in the back. They all work, I have witnessed it with my clients of all ages and all body types. Waistline cincher takes off 1-1/2 inches.

Camouflaging, slimming down stomach, for an egg shaped body type, don't wear separates, don't wear two different colors, and don't tuck in.

To slim down your image, go to monochromatic, medium calf length dresses. To make it more interesting use different shades, but same color.

If you are pear shaped, top size 8 and bottom 14 what to do?? Bring emphasis to the top, shoulder pads (very small) lighter color on the top and darker on the bottom. Huge discrepancy, make the top a little bigger without looking like a halfback. Also for this body type, no pleats. Be aware of heavy fabrics, silk georgette moves with your body and looks fantastic.

Dressing in monochrome (one color) is a secret to looking tall and thinner, the darker the color the safer you are.

Saddle bags thighs; don't wear tight clothes, pants. Do wear medium calf skirts slit in the front or wrap around dresses in monochrome. The most complimentary style for many of these imperfections, get a simple encumbered jacket, a Mandarin style with hidden pockets hides many of nature's blemishes.

No palazzo pants, they are bigger on the bottom and you'll look like a tent and look bigger. If you must have them, take them in or better yet, invest in straight-legged pants, striped suits. If you have generous hips don't wear buttoned dresses, buttons will pull when you walk and will look sloppy.

Long waist, v-neck tops. To camouflage the long waist wear something short over something long.

Don't wear anything that is made fabrics which are shiny, stiff, they shows off all bumps and lumps, bulking sweaters add bulk.

Make sure you have full length mirror in your bedroom and one at your main entrance to your home. And always double-check yourself in the mirror before leaving your home.

July 10, 2001

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